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Physical bitcions are coins that you can hold in your hand. They are far more secure than traditional physical Bitcoins.

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About Physical Bitcoins

This is a breif description of PBT Physical Bitcoin. My physical coins are the most secure on the market. They will still be useable after fire, water damage or even secure if your friends get the code that is hard engrved hidden under a security sticker. The coins come fully loaded with 1 bitcoin. Engraved on the back of the coin is a private key so at any stage you can access your funds when you need. I have added an extra bit of security to these coins by writing the private key in a simple coded format. This means the owner of the coin is the only person who can redeem the bitcoin online and not anyone who finds it. I also have covered the coded private key with a security sticker that states the Bitcoin address and your unique Physical Bitcoin Number which will be added to the register of all coins sold.

I work alone and once the code is engraved on the Physical Bitcoin is deleted. The only details I keep about the coin are the bitcoin address and the simple equation of how to read the private key on the back (this is incase you forget). If you understand how Bitcoins work I am sure you can see this is by far the safest method of storing Bitcoins safely in a physical state.

I developed all the address and keys off line on a computer that has never connected to the internet. When the private keys were put in code I transferred to the coin and then deleted. I keep the bitcoin address and solution to the code safe. Please note the solution to the code means absolutely nothing to me without the private key which is deleted.

When the bitcoin is sent online to the address you can see the balance in the block chain by typing the address on the sticker.

With every Bitcoin sold I will also give away 100 free Ripple XRP which is a new way to facilitate the spending of bicoin so I am keen to get people interested in it. You must provide me with a ripple address to do this with however.

If you have any questions please ask away.